So it's onto the 6th track "Grateful" we go

So it's onto the 6th track "Grateful" we go.


With the release of Case's Place behind us we move along the road to a bit more of a sensitive track. Grateful was written in the wake of the death of a childhood friend of mine (by suicide). So it carries a much more somber feel than some of the previous tunes.


Apparently there have been a few personal events that have guided the lyrics to this album so far. Ones that I had no intention of writing songs about. It's amazing how transparent songwriting can be to what is truly on your mind if you let them flow. But it is what it is. I promised myself I would let this recording be organic and try not to direct the concepts, but just let them come. Come they have. I have never been the songwriter in past projects, so this is all a veery public learning curve for me.


Still lots of work to be done for years end release. But we are sort of on target. That's it for now... I'll post more news as it pertains to this project as it happens. Cheers all!

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