Shotgun Alongside vocals redone

With some slowdowns at the studio we are somewhat behind schedule. Such is the life of an indie artist like myself! Things are getting back on track and we are looking at a May release for the 4th track "Shotgun Alongside".


In the name of progress a new vocal track was completed last night for the song, featuring quite a different approach for me. Sounds pretty cool although it is always hard to hear my own voice subjectively - I tend to always hate it!


This track will be worth the wait as it features some of my best recorded playing to date. As with my vocal, getting me to like my guar playing is usually a stretch. So the fact that I like this performance is a welcome change. 


Anyway, that's all to report for now. I'll post here when I know more so please stay tuned! Please don't hesitate to send me questions. I'd love to hear from you folks and any reactions to the music. That's the stuff musicians live for!


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