"Shotgun Alongside" officially moves to the front burner

With the completion of the third song from The Stray Dog Chronicles (Busted), focus now shifts to the fourth piece. A completive tune titled "Shotgun Alongside". This song features the same lineup as Busted (Chris Sutherland - kit, Rahlen Sullaphen - Bass, Jess Rempel - Backing vox).


Basic tracking is complete and the song sounds very strong and clean. It was written as more of a B-side - meaning more epic in nature - so it features a lush arrangement and lots of soloing and guitar wankery. Lots of space and air.


I used the Tele through a beautiful Dr Z. Maz38 Sr. to get the tones and they cut beautifully. Hard to go wrong with a Tele as it sits so well in the mix on a more dense song.


There may be a hold up in our 'month per release' schedule due to some vacations at the studio. So there is talk in the works of doing a video for Busted in the mean time. I am hopeful this comes together as nothing beats momentum!


Stay tuned! Exciting times in here in Case-World.



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