Shotgun Alongside mixnotes1

Another great night at Wavepool sound studio last night. We dug through all the recorded tracks from the 4th title of the upcoming "Stray Dog Chronicles" album - "Shotgun Alongside". Some real nice playing by all in here.


At this stage of a mix, we are mostly looking for orchestration of all the layered track to generate the flow of the different sections. The goal is to try to tell a story by using the placement of the instruments in the sonic landscape. This song features a rather challenging mix that has several layered tracks of a spiralling polyrhythmic guitar part. The polyrhythm was employed in the song to attempt to create a feeling of confusion for the listener. But finding a sonic home for all those frequencies is a challenge without muddying the mix.


We did some other frequency scrub and cleanup as well. Plus tried a Scotch liqueur to boot!


All around - It's off to a great start.


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