Last song Cinqhole rounds final corner

Last song "Cinqhole" rounds final corner.


One track remains before full album release and it has been a doozy! Cinqhole is a very challenging piece that has taken some time to pull together. Combine the songs complexity with busy summer touring and gigging schedules and you have a recipe for delays.


The good news is that is behind us all now. Drums have been tracked. All guitars re-tracked (with improved fidelity) and a new solo has been completed. Just bass re-tracking then onto to mixing. The mix should come together fairly quickly given the sparse instrumentation of the piece.


The song is a blistering instrumental with sections in 5 (hence the title!) which is always challenging for all players. Odd times create different resolution points so getting that all together with consistency is a tough request. But all have risen to the challenge. Dave Patel doing his usual monstrous drumming and Rahlen Sullaphen on the bass give the song the strong, dynamic rhythm section it needs.


Once this song is complete it will not be available as a single. Rather as an add to the full album tot be titled "The Stray Dog Chronicles". Which will feature all the released singles plus some added material. This has been a long road. Longer than I anticipated but such is the life of a musician in these times. With almost no income coming from recordings any more it remains a challenge to complete projects such as this. So I am glad to know that I managed this feat. I have never released a "solo" album with me doing all the songwriting and vocals. So this was a large learning curve for me and the process has very much strengthened my skill sets. 


I am very much looking forward to future albums. I suspect they will come a little easier than this one did... Fingers crossed!



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