After a couple of years, some cash and a boatload of time into it, I have finally succeeded in releasing the debut album from yours truly! It was no easy ride but in the end, it is done warts and all. I am very happy with the final result as it truly reflects where my mind was at at the time these songs were written. It seemed appropriate to present them all as a CD of songs as opposed to the way I started releasing them - as singles. I truly believe - after this process now more than ever - that music belongs in the album format. There is an art to the order of the songs and to me it really feels like the right way to do it. I guess I am old-school that way in this age of single releases. 


The lineup features myself on all guitars, singing and composition. Rahlen Sullaphen plays all bass and was the principal engineer and producer of the sessions. On the kit we had 3 amazing talents: Dave Patel, Chris Sutherland and Rob "Beatdown" Brown. Backing vocals were provided by the amazing and beautiful Jess Rempel. Rounding out the cast was Paul Holy on keys for one of the songs.


It truly was a journey and where it leads only time will tell. I am not exactly expecting much as it is pretty difficult for indie guys like myself to be heard among the zillions of CDs being released these days. But those who do find it, will find a collection of truly honest songs created the old-school way. We left in errors if the spirit of the performance was right. I am proud of this collection of songs so I hope you like them.

Physical CDs are being printed as I type this, so if you would like to get your hands on a copy, shoot me a message and I will send one along. It is also available for download at CDBaby and Bandcamp, so hit your spot and grab one if it so pleases you.

What to do next? Who knows the dates for volume II! All I know is that the next one will be a significantly different approach to the recording of it. Time for a new sound and new process. You never stop learning and that is now and was always the goal of such an endeavour.

Stay well and thanks for following along!

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