Album Delay - the Good news and the Bad news

Album Delay - the Good news and the Bad news


Hope 2016 is shaping up nicely already for you all. We have been experiencing delays at the studio due to increased workload of all people involved. So the album release is a few months behind schedule. That's the bad news! The good news however is we are nearing release on the next track - which was scheduled to be Grateful. But that has been moved aside for the album's ballad. A song written for my lovely wife called "Coalescence". It really is a beauty and has some of the bands best playing to date. I am very very pleased with it. That should be releasing in the upcoming weeks.


Solo projects can be tough to complete for musicians with bills to pay! But it's a labour of love for us all. We really are close to completion. So I anticipate a mid 2016 release.


Rock on peoples

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