A great part can change everything!

A great part can change everything. Always for the better in the end, but it can also take you back a step too! The latest track titled "Grateful" had this very thing happen. With the song written, we brought in Sonor drum artist Dave Patel to lay down his usual monster drum take. He delivered in a huge way. So much so, that it made me re-think some of the other parts. So Dave and his stupid virtuosity caused the delay we are now experiencing between tracks : ). A better drum approach changed the bass part, which changed the guitar part, which ultimately changed the vocal melody and rhythm. But I assure you, the wait will be well worth it. 


An interesting recording note. He brought with him a massive vintage Ludwig kick drum from the late 40's- early 50's and set the kit up around that. What an amazing tone, huge but very quick. We also as an effect added sheets of plexi-glas to the floor and pointed the room mics at them. It added a length to the room sound and a tightness as well.


So thanks to Dave - we wait : )

Seriously though - thanks to Dave for a great job.

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