5th track hits mixing stage

5th track "Case's Place" reaches mixing stage


With "Shotgun Alongside" now completed and released (thanks for the wonderful comments all! Nice reception for it) work is now commencing on what will be my 5th release of this project. It will be the album opener, an instrumental titled "Case's Place". Tracking is completed and it enters mixing stages.


The track features a rather burning unison line and sound byte atmosphere that pokes fun at the life of a performing musician. This time, we have the monstrous Dave Patel manning the kit. Rahlen Sullaphen resumes his role on the bass and I really put both to work on this one. Of course they killed it as expected. 


Release should be in July some time so watch for it. That's all for now. The only other news would be that "Shotgun Alongside" should be appearing any day now on iTunes. So for all you Apple fans keep your eyes peeled for that announcement.

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