Welcome All!

Thank you for taking the time to visit Jerrycase.com. The official site of Toronto based guitarist Jerry Case. I will be using this site to update you all on progress of my various projects. It is generally my musical diary so that I can record for posterity the events surrounding my various musical ventures.


Check out the news section for an on-going progress report on the release of album projects. I do try to document things as they happen, in an attempt to share with you some insight on how the creation of an album goes down. Hopefully you find it interesting - I know the process certainly has been for me. 


We have also integrated my blog "SixStringObsession" here, which features guitar studies, gear talk, lesson stuff and really anything that catches my interest.


I encourage you to join me on one of my social media portals (BandcampFacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagramReverbNation). There I will be much more actively posting day to day thoughts, plans and other things that crop up along the way.


So come along! Send me your email address and I will keep you in the loop of future shows, releases and more. Cheers!