Jerry Case



Welcome All!

Join me on the journey towards the completion of my "The Stray Dog Chronicles" album. Check out each song as it releases on my page titled "Music"


I have decided to try releasing these songs track by track, as they complete. This new release model seems compelling to me. It's certainly a modern approach, not one I am accustomed to being an old-school album guy! But certainly one worth giving a shot. The industry is changing and so are the way people are listening to music. 


I will be posting updates in the news section, along with other information, ramblings and tons of guitar geekery. We have integrated my blog "SixStringObsession" here, which features guitar studies, gear talk, lesson stuff and really anything that catches my interest.


I encourage you to join me on one of my social media portals (FacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagramReverbNation). There I will be much more actively posting day to day thoughts, plans and other things that crop up along the way.


So come along! Send me your email address and I will keep you in the loop of future shows, releases and more. Cheers!